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RADAR2SGD is SGD gateway in the Radar network, the gateway is similar to the role of a Bank.

The radar user can deposit SGD through this gateway, exchange CNY, euro, and other legal currencies in the radar network. They can also exchange bitcoin and other virtual currencies or withdraw SGD into their bank accounts through the gateway.


Registered radar

Registered and logged in radar system.

To the Radar System >>

Trust gateway

In the "Fund" in the SGD module to add the RADAR2SGD for trust gateway.

Currency Exchange

Use any currency exchange SGD in the "currency exchange" , first need to add the currency conversion type.

Gateway withdrawals

After successful conversion to withdraw SGD from gateway to personal bank card.


Gateway is a proprietary term used to describe monetary import points in RADAR. Money is placed into the RADAR network by the gateway. The gateway will then receive the money, store it and the company will issue the balance into the RADAR network accordingly.

Users trust on the gateway--must be based on the full understanding and trust of the gateway system.